2017 Scholarship Recipients

Mayra Gonzales

University of Colorado Denver

Senior, Graduating in May 2017

Sociology Major

Goal: To attend graduate school, become a city planner, and soon be the head of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development.  She encourages others to “be the one who other Latinas will see, keep our community and culture in the forefront, hold yourself accountable to your goals.”

Cynthia Montes-Gonzales

Colorado State University

Environmental Engineering

Goal: Address issues such as deforestation and oil spills with her environmental engineering degree.  She has been passionate about environmental issues since she was a child even through she knows of no Latina environmental engineering professionals. Her advice is, “find something you are passionate about and stick with it.  Don’t let others discourage you, work for what you love.”

Anahi Figueroa-Flores

Georgetown University

Government and Math Major

Goal: To promote women and immigrant rights in the White House.  “I believe the scholarship will help me accomplish my dream of becoming an advocate and a journalist.”

Paola Chavez Arroyo

University of Colorado at Boulder

Aerospace Engineering

Goal: To become CEO of a tech company and foundation, or coder of the mars landing as a NASA engineer.  “With the heart of an engineer and the vision of an entrepreneur, I plan to immerse not only in engineering, but business and leadership.”

Adriana Guadana Huizari

College of Holy Cross

Political Science Major

Goal: To attend Georgetown law school after college and become an immigration attorney.  Her message to upcoming students is: “I believe in you and will help you, just as others have done for me.”


Joanna Luna

Colorado State University

Social Work and Human Development & Family Studies.  Minor in Spanish

Goal: To pursue a degree in social work, which she hopes to use to help bilingual families in places such as Children’s Hospital.  Her advice to others is “Keep moving forward, create small goals, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Find your balance and enjoy the moment.”


Lucia Ramirez

University of Denver

Political Science and Accounting Major

Goal: To educate, involve and address community needs while completing a graduate degree in immigration law.  “I plan to hold a city council chair for District 3 of Denver, Colorado and to advocate for my community.”

Jasmine Murillo-Roldan, Anita Padilla-Fitzgerald Scholarship Recipient 2015

Adams City High School, Senior
Senior Class Secretary in Student Council & Varsity Volleyba
Will attend CSU in the fall and wants to major in Civil Engineering or Ethnics Studies.
What is your career goal?
“I would like to help society, help people learn about their cultures and get my Ph.D.”

Eveline Vega Scholarship Awardee 2015

Colorado State University, Freshman Biological Science, Ecology Concentration
What words do you live by?
“If you want something, you just have to go for it! It’s easy to put restraints on our own selves. If we start to see ourselves as less then someone else, then we’re already falling behind. I don’t think a paper can define who we are.”

Susana de la Torre Scholarship Awardee 2015

University of Northern Colorado, Senior
Elementary Education, ESL Concentration, Bilingual and Bicultural endorsements
What is your career goal?

“I have wanted to be an educator since 5th grade when I moved to the U.S. and a teacher went above and beyond for me. I want to empower my future students and remind them that whatever it is they want to do, it’s totally possible and there are a lot of people to help along the way.”

Alma Hinojosa Scholarship Awardee 2015

University of Colorado Boulder, Freshman
English Major and Education Minor
What kind of Latina leader do you hope to be?
“I hope to be a leader who younger generations can reach out to. I want to be a mentor for students and help them reach their dreams.”

Sharon Martinez Scholarship Awardee 2015

Metro State University, Sophomore
Political Science Major and Spanish Minor
What motivates you?
“My mom’s dream was to graduate from College. Due to unfortunate circumstances she was unable to achieve her dream and I have taken it upon myself to finish it for her.”

Teresa Amaya Scholarship Awardee 2014

“From experience, it is necessary to instill the importance of education to our youth, I make sure to do this for my children. No matter where you come from, education is the key to avoid major roadblocks. The Latinas First scholarship helped me further my education.”
“The Latinas First scholarship has given me the opportunity to afford my tuition as well as relieve me of financial stress. Now, instead of worrying about college debt, I can focus on giving back to the community and my family.”

Alejandra Cardona Scholarship Awardee 2014

“It is really nice to see through the Latinas First Foundation, that Latinas can hold leadership positions. I expect to lead one day too.”
“As a first generation student, I always wanted to go to college, but because of financial reasons, I didn’t think that college was a possibility. A miracle happened, and by receiving financial assistance I knew that my dreams could come true.”

Luisa Mandujano Scholarship Awardee 2014

“I am honored and proud have this opportunity. I can’t thank the Latinas First Foundation enough!”

 Natalie Sanchez Scholarship Awardee 2013

Dulce Herrera Scholarship Awardee 2012

“The financial aspect of college while being undocumented is scary. I didn’t know how I was going to make it. The Latinas First scholarship helped me reach for my dreams, and now I am living them as a first grade teacher.”
The Latinas First Foundation showed me that there are women of color who look like me, that have made it and are willing to help.”
“My advice to other young Latinas is to beat the stereotypes, always believe in yourself, remember your values and look straight ahead. If you keep your head held high, you will always achieve your goals no matter how far away they seem.”

“As a Latinas First Scholarship recipient, I can’t wait to keep inspiring others like Latinas First has inspired me. I am thankful and humbled beyond words to have been recognized by a group such as this.”