Get Involved!

Part of the Latinas First Foundation’s mission is to increase the number of future Latina professionals. To this end, the Latinas First Foundation aims to recognize what Colorado Latina leaders have accomplished while building a network for other women to thrive. Dedicated to providing critical support through network and educational opportunity, the Latinas First Foundation is uniquely positioned to address the numerous and complex barriers to entry, promotion and advancement challenging current and future Latina leaders. As a volunteer, you will gain a greater understanding of the Latina community in Colorado and have greater access to hundreds of Latina leaders willing to help you in the pursuit of your educational and professional goals.

You can be part of the Latinas First Foundation’s mission by volunteering your time and energy. We are currently looking for volunteers to help with the 2016 Latinas First Foundation’s Annual Luncheon, as well as various other opportunities throughout the year. Please contact for more information.