About Latinas First Foundation

The Foundation was created by Juanita Chacon and Meshach Rhoades to provide a critical network and support for Latinas to reach their highest potential through non-traditional scholarships.

Colorado plays host to incredible Latina leaders. The Latinas First Foundation is a unique organization that not only recognizes what these Latina leaders have accomplished, but also builds a community for other women to thrive. LFF is focused on the cultural and historical contributions of Latinas to the state of Colorado and to herald in a new generation of professional Latinas who provide immense value to our community. Whether you have just began your journey, are an Unsung Heroine or a Trailblazer, the Latinas First Foundation celebrates and welcomes you.


The Latinas First Foundation celebrates and elevates the Latina community by focusing on the cultural and historical contributions of Latinas in Colorado while providing opportunities and non-traditional scholarships for the next generation of Latinas.

Girls Can Be What They Can See

Did You Know….

Colorado’s Latino population is substantial

In fact, 21 percent of Colorado’s 5.3 million residents are Latino. This is nearly 4 percent higher than the national average. Colorado is one of just nine states with a Latino population of more than 1 million

Nearly 1 out of every 10 people in Colorado is foreign born

Even so, Colorado—at 7 percentforeign born—lags behind the national average of 12.9 percent.

A generational shift is evident in Colorado

By 2040, 34 percent of Coloradans will be Latino. Latinos in Colorado are, on average, much younger—26 years old—than the white population—40 years old—and three-quarters of Latinos in Colorado are native born.

4. Latinos add tens of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs to Colorado’s economy

The 2012 purchasing power of Colorado’s Latinos totaled $21.8 billion, an increase of 454.5 percent since 1990.

Latina business owners

Studies show that Latina business owners have a start-up rate of six times the national average. Incredible numbers on behalf of incredible women.

The Latina power shift

A 2013 Nielsen report, casts Latinas as decision-makers in household spending and as attractive consumers eager to be courted by leading journalists and marketers alike to celebrate the group’s new “powerful influence.”

CSU overall enrollment to a new record

A record number of freshmen are attending Colorado State University’s Fort Collins campus this year, the Fort Collins school announced Tuesday, swelling the university’s overall enrollment to a new record.

The 4,737 freshmen are the largest and most diverse freshman class in the history of CSU, according to the school. The size of this year’s freshman class increased almost 9 percent from last year; 20 percent of this year’s freshmen, 958 students, are racially and ethnically diverse- an increase of almost 7 percent.