2018 Sponsors

The Latinas First Foundation would like to thank all of our 2018 sponsors big and small for their contribution to our mission, as none of the things we strive to accomplish would be possible without your contributed support. Furthermore, we would like to highlight how exactly your contributions foster our development as an association.

Presenting Sponsor

Pioneer Sponsors

Trailblazer Sponsors

Unsung Heroine Sponsors

Student Table Sponsors

We All Lead Sponsors

The Latinas First Foundation’s work remains critical to the continued growth and development of our Latina leaders, and we ask that you partner with us in these efforts. As we plan for the future, the Latinas First Foundation will continue to grant nontraditional scholarships for women aiming to attend and finish college. To fulfill this mission and build our critical networking component, the Latinas First Foundation will also continue to honor both our Unsung Heroines and Trailblazers. While we work to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for Latinas to thrive and prosper, your sponsorship and participation in presents a perfect opportunity to showcase your organization’s support for the Latinas First Foundation and its mission.

Thank you to all our partners and we welcome the opportunity meet new sponsors and allies.